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Our Initiatives

We give our community the resources they need to flourish in Product Management.

Project Jam

Product Buds Project Jam immmerses you in the collaborative product development process and enhances your project portfolio! Whether you're an aspiring Product Manager (PM) who just stumbled on this field recently or a current PM who's well-versed in many areas of product, this opportunity will allow you to sharpen core business, technical, teamwork, and interpersonal skills with others in the community!

Product Buds Initiative

Book Club

By joining the Product Buds Book Club, you will learn more about topics related but not limited to Product Management, Product Design, and Product Strategy. Your learning will be fostered through discussions about the books we read on the #bookclub Slack channel and virtual discussion sessions with other book club members.

Product Buds Initiative

Mock Interviews

The journey of breaking into a Product Management role can feel daunting. The recruitment process is often riddled with imposter syndrome, stress, and uncertainty. Interviewing is a skill and any skill comes with practice. By engaging in mock PM interviews, you get to practice with supportive peers and get the feedback that the recruitment process may not give you. Mock PM interviews allow you to learn how to became better at breaking down complex product questions into smaller pieces to answer them concisely and strategically, improve your communication skills, and boost your self confidence!

Product Buds Initiative

Product Case Studies

Product Sense is a skill that is heavily tested and leveraged in PM interviews and jobs. Whether you are an aspiring PM or a current PM, Case Studies will help you grow your product intuition to hone in on the problems that a product solves and how to make those solutions even better. As your product intuition develops and you improve on solving product case studies, you will be able to give cohesive, structured answers in interviews as well as increase your confidence on the job.

Product Buds Initiative

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