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What is our Protothon

The Product Buds Protothon is an opportunity for aspiring product managers and product designers to collaborate on conceptualizing and pitching a new product idea to a panel of industry leaders. Participants go through the entire design thinking process, gain hands-on learning experience, and complete the program a new addition to their product portfolios!

Fun fact: a number of projects that were kickstarted in previous Protothon seasons progressed to become ventures and have joined accelerators!

Project Jam

Common FAQs

Any aspiring product individuals wanting to learn more about product management and design. As long as you demonstrate an interest in PM or design, you are more than eligible to apply!
We're looking for people who are interested in building their product experience - whether that is product design or product management as mentioned earlier. Showcasing your passion via the prompts is the best way to do so.
The Protothon itinerary will accommodate the time zones in North America for the most part. We understand that this may be a barrier for those in other regions. We won't stop you from applying but want to emphasize that if you do decide to apply, you are agreeing to accept those conditions and we expect you to still make active efforts in regards to your participation.
Teams can range from 3-4 members.
No worries! Once we process applications and finalize participants, we will host team formation sessions for you to fill in team spots / find a team.