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What is Product Buds?

Product Buds (PB) is a community where budding product managers sprout, grow, and flourish. We maintain a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming environment for aspiring Product Managers of all social identities, cultural identities, and career backgrounds. In PB, members share Product Management (PM) knowledge, make meaningful connections, and grow in their goals together.

Product Buds Logo

We launched on May 20th, 2020.

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"When I first discovered product management, I was overwhelmed with all the must-read books for PMs and not knowing where to start. I figured side projects, interview practice, and online articles would be enough. FINALLY sitting down and reading quality books like Cracking the PM Interview and Inspired: How to Create Tech Products People Love on a weekly basis while having a community to discuss ideas and questions has been amazing. Can’t wait to learn more with the next generation of product managers!"

Rommy Shehadeh, Student @ University of Central Florida

"I just attended my first Product Buds book club meeting. We went over the first few chapters of Cracking the PM Interview and held discussions regarding the myths of Product Management as well as a few other intriguing topics. I would like to thank our moderators for organizing and facilitating our meeting. I am thankful for the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals from a diverse set of backgrounds, each with their own unique experiences and stories.Looking forward to our next session! Till then!"

Hassaan Arif Mustafa, Student @ University of Toronto Missisauga

Prior to joining PB, I've only heard of PM through colleagues and friends, but I didn't exactly knew if this field is something I can potentially embark a career on. Hence, I joined PB with the intention of simply yearning to learn from individuals across diverse industries. I'm a huge advocate of applying theory to practice. In fact, I was able to prototype my first product after attending all PB events and networking with other PB members. Truly grateful, and I look forward to sprouting, growing, and flourishing!

Janine Co, Product and Content Strategist @ OneClass

"Such a good feeling to finish Cracking the PM Interview and couldn't have done it without this channel holding me accountable. Thank you guys!"

Natasha Goel, Student @ University of Illinois

"As an aspiring PM, it can be very intimidating to learn a lot of things and to see others accomplish so much. When I joined Product Buds, that stress went away. The community has been engaging, supportive, and it never felt like a competition. We were all eager to help each other to be the best we can be - and that’s what it takes to develop great Product Leaders"

Sharmaine Aguilar, Business Analyst @ First Page Sage

"I was part of the first cohort of people joining and it's been a pleasure watching PB flourish. The thing that drew me in was that PB was a young tech community that wasn't gatekept by some SV tech bros, there were normal people like me :). I got the chance to meet with many of the founding team early and they were extremely welcoming and a pleasure to connect with. Being an Influencer isn't exactly my vibe, but I managed to start writing a newsletter in part due to PB and it has created many opportunities for me. As I graduate and transition from intern to full-time, I'm super thankful to have met other peers in the industry who have similar goals and aspirations as I."

Joel Montano, PM Intern @ Microsoft

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